“A Network for Latino Faculty, Staff, and Students”

MU Spotlight Recognitions

MU Voz Latina wants to acknowledge the academic, professional, and personal successes of Latinos at Mizzou and in our community. We hope that these spotlight features will help develop networking opportunities and partnerships. 

Hannia Burke AgueroHannia Burke-Agüero  
Background: Born in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Area of Study: Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Costa Rica and Masters in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California
Involvement: Current President of MU Voz Latina (second term). Has been with the organization for eleven years. She is also working with the MU Adult Psychiatric Clinic where she works with adults who have mental health issues. For the past two years, she has been working with monolingual Spanish speaking individuals and those with limited English Proficiency in their native language.
Most proud of: Her work and advocacy for Hispanic/Latinos to gain access to Mental Health Services in a culturally appropriate and sensitive way. She is proud of her work with Latin American women Sojourners helping them to adapt to the USA culture and to become productive member of the community during their stay, and helping them to prepare to reenter their home culture and return to their country of origin.
Awards/Recognitions: Appointed by two different mayors in the state of Indiana to the Commission on the Status of Women. She received the Community Member Award from the Commission for Multicultural Understanding at the Indiana University.  She was also named Citizen of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers Region 6 in Indiana and featured in the magazine exhibition for La Cara Latina of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures in Indiana.
Goals: Continue being an advocate for Latinos/Hispanic individuals and their families to have access to the services they need to succeed in our community. She also wants to keep being involved in MU Voz Latina and help foster initiatives to make MU and Columbia a welcoming place for people from all walks of life so they can further develop their dreams and accomplish their goals.
Hannia’s quote of advice: Home is where you are right now. Get involved and make the best you can for you and the community. She has been inspired by these words from Gandhi: “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

xiomara cornejoXiomara Cornejo

Background: Salvadoran-American from Compton, California 

Area of Study: Bachelors in Theater with an emphasis in Directing, Masters in Public Art Studies, and currently pursing Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies at MU. 

Involvement: Currently the president of the Latino Graduate & Professional Network at MU, and member of the Graduate Theater Organization where she previously served as social committee chair.

Most proud of: Not being afraid to pursue a degree in theatre arts. She works diligently to justify her career as a legitimate field in academia and has been blessed from the many opportunities she has been able to obtain through her work as an artist and activist. She has also gained various networking connections and established a network of support throughout her career. 

Awards/Recognitions: Kennedy Center-National Allied Crafts and Design  award for projection design in MU's production of Good Kids,  in which she received 1st place. She also got a national award for production design including tuition to attend the Stage Craft Institute of Las Vegas to take design courses. Her earliest award includes the Yoshiyama Community Youth Leadership award,  for the state of California in recognition of her work in the community as president and founder of environmental high school club, Environmental Junkies.

Goals: Continue working on ethnographic research she conducted during a 5-week apprenticeship last summer with the Bread and Puppet Theater. Currently working on publishing interviews conducted during her time at the Bread and Puppet farm . She is also pursuing research for her Ph.D. dissertation on protest theatre across the Americas and developed a course on campus on the topics of theater as activism from the 60's to present day. 

Xiomara’s quote of advice (as told to her by her father) is, If you are going to dream, then you have to dream BIG.” 

Sylvia JaureguiSylvia Jauregui
Background: Mexican American from El Paso, Texas
Area of Study: Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas El Paso, Masters in Assistantship in Student Life from the University of Central Missouri.
Involvement: Former Voz Latina member, involvement in various task forces, she has also been apart of various committees, including the Inclusion Collective Community where she helps couch for the Division of Student Affairs.
Most proud of: Being apart of people’s journeys, specifically her students and staff members, and being able to be apart of their struggles and successes. Her passion revolves around the connections she forms with others and she is proud of being able to share special moments with people she has an impact on.
Awards/Recognitions: Student Affairs STAR for Outstanding Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity, Residence Hall Association Professional Staff Member of the Year 2015-2016, and the ACPA Missouri 2016 Best of the Midwest Professional Award.
Goals: Pursue an EDD or PhD program potentially with an emphasis in Social Justice. She also seeks to continue working closely with students in her future career field and helping make an impact in their lives.
Sylvia’s line of advice is, “Find your passion and go with it.”
Sarah BuchananSarah Buchanan
Background: Mexican American from Las Vegas, Nevada
Area of Study: Bachelor's in Classical Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Master's in Library & Information Science from UCLA, and Ph.D. in Information Studies on Archeology Collections from the University of Texas at Austin  
Involvement: Voz Latina board member (faculty rep), Assistant Professor for School of Information Science and Learning Technology (SISLT), and Faculty Advisor for the new Society of American Archivists at Mizzou student chapter (SAA).
Most proud of: The interesting research she has done and papers she has written about her and her collaborators' research. She is also very excited to have the opportunity to teach students this year and share her experience in Archives with them. She is proud to join colleagues in celebrating 50 years of Library Science at Mizzou as well as the 150 year history of Education.
Awards/Recognitions: In 2016 she received the Richard Wallace faculty incentive grant for her digital classics research for which she is currently collaborating with the Department of Classical Studies at MU.
Goals: Her current goal is to strive forward as a faculty member, be a good educator, and be productive in her research. Her future goals include building collaborations with museum professionals on campus and developing new courses to introduce students to the world of museums.
Sarah’s quote of advice is, “Be happy in what you do and enjoy your work so it doesn’t feel like work.”
nathan corderoNathan Cordero

Background: Puerto Rican American from Chicago, Illinois

Area of Study: Pursuing a bachelors in Journalism

Involvement: Current president of the Association for Latin American Students and is also the current Vice President of his Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity chapter. Previously he was the community outreach chair for the Students for Equal Education of Dreamers. He is also an active volunteer in the community volunteering for street service and the food bank.
Most proud of: How far he has come in life. He comes from thinking as an at risk youth in Chicago and had some early rough schooling years and is proud of being at Mizzou and making it to the best journalism school in the nation.
Goals: Currently he is focusing on getting into the School of Journalism. He plans to continue being involved and performing the best he can in everything he acquires. In the future he wants to start his own startup creating his own sports journalism site. His ultimate goal in life is to have a voice in the greater Latinx community.
Nathan’s quote of advice is, “Just give 120 effort in anything you are trying to accomplish.”
Dr. AdkinsDenice Adkins
Background: Mexican American from Tucson, Arizona.

Area of Study: Bachelor’s degree in History and minor in Spanish from University of Arizona, Master’s in Library Science, and Ph.D. in Information Resource and Library Science with a minor in Bilingual Education.
Involvement: Currently is a member of Voz Latina on MU Campus; the American Library Association where she sits on the ALA Council; a member and former president of REFORMA, the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish speaking. She is also involved with research on how Latinos use social media and mobile technology and what they are doing to get formal/informal information. 
Most proud of: Two award-winning research projects on Latinos and library use. The first was a study in Kansas City where she went to the Latino neighborhoods in the area to get an insight on environmental literacy there and then translated it to what it means in libraries. Her second research project was based on her dissertation on Arizona’s public library services. She analyzed how library services to Latinos had changed over a 10-year period, contrasting that with proposed state legislation related to immigration and the treatment of Latinos in popular media.
Awards/Recognitions: She also was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to Honduras where she went for nine months to work in their library education system. The goal was to establish a library science master’s degree program there which she helped progress.
Goals: Continue research projects related to what Latinos look for when they read fiction for pleasure, how Latino students use school libraries. She is also investigating rural areas in Missouri and what resources schools provide to help students with mental health needs. Her future goals include pursuing a Fulbright grant to Argentina because of their strong publishing industry or Mexico because they have one of the best Library Information Science programs. 
Denice’s line of advice is, “Do something research-related every day.”

Jacqueline Gamboa VarelaCongratulations to Jacqueline Gamboa Varela!

Mizzou Students Win First Place in National Radio Competition
By RoseAnn Sorce

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Anahita Zare, Orlando, and Jacqueline Gamboa Varela, Chihuahua, Mexico, recently won the Best Public Affairs Program by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for their radio show, The Big Electron.

The International Broadcasting System (IBS) is a not-for-profit educational association and foundation that serves education affiliated high school, college and community radio stations. IBS presents annual awards in categories such as best on-air personality, most innovative program and best comedy program. Winners were announced at an annual award ceremony on March 4 in New York City.

Created in 2013, The Big Electron is a one-hour radio show that explains important, interesting and relevant happenings in science and technology. The Big Electron brings scientists and experts to talk about popular topics occurring in the STEM fields. Each week the show focuses on a specific topic and explores the different perspectives and applications of that theme. The Big Electric airs every Sunday from 5-6 p.m. on KCOU 88.1 in Columbia, Mo.

“Jackie and I worked very hard to deliver important science news in an understandable way, and it is an honor to be named the winner of this award.” Zare said

Zare and Gamboa Varela both are graduate students at Mizzou where they are studying chemistry. In addition, Zare is the president of Science Communication and Public Engagement, a student organization that aims to give graduate and undergraduate students in the sciences the tools they need to effectively communicate their research. Gamboa is the vice president of the Graduate Professional Council at Mizzou. Mizzou is the largest and oldest university of the state's major public, land-grant research institutions.

Emily FowlerEmily Fowler 

Background: Honduran American from Monroe City, Missouri 

Area of Study: Pursuing a Bachelor in Animal Science

Involvement: Treasurer for the Multicultural Greek Council, Member of the Association of Latin American Students, and Pig Club. Emily is also a founding sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Incorporated Zeta Xi Chapter at Mizzou, which is considered the first LTA chapter in the state of Missouri and the only Latina sorority currently on MU’s campus. She became a founding sister her freshman year of college and is now the treasurer for the chapter at Mizzou.

Most proud of: Coming to Mizzou and pursuing the degree that she wanted and making her family proud.

Awards/Recognitions: Agriculture Future of America Community Youth Leader Scholarship.

Goals: Her current goals include getting an internship working in the swine and agricultural industry. She is also looking forward to participate in the animal institute this coming April. Future career goals include working abroad in the swine industry. Personally, she would like to work with farmers in different countries and help them figure out efficient ways to raise animals with their limited resources. By helping these countries she hopes to help them generate more money to help their countries economy.

Emily’s line of advice is, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt
Lina TrigosLina Trigos-Carrillo
Background: From Bogota, Colombia
Area of study: Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Philology and Languages, and has graduate studies in Philosophy with an emphasis in Philosophy of Language and Mind in Bogota. In 2011, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursue her Ph.D. in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum with an emphasis in Literacy Education at MU. She graduated in May 2016. Currently, she works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Campus Writing Program.
Involvement: A proud Cambio Center fellow, she is also a member of the Literacy Research Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the American Educational Research Association. In Latin America, she is part of the network on innovation in higher education RedIC, which aims to improve the teaching practices in the region.
Most Proud of: Her family because they have become more united as they adapted to a different culture, overcame the challenges associated with living far away from home, and became more critically aware.
Awards/ Recognitions: 2014-2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication Research Initiative Grant – National Council of Teachers of English, 2013 Graduate Student Scholar of the Year, College of Education, University of Missouri, and 2011-2016 Fulbright – Colciencias Scholarship for Doctoral Studies in the U.S.
Goals: Her goals are to contribute to the understanding of diverse students’ lives and to improve their access to education across the Americas. At MU, she supports initiatives on L2 (second language writing) and diversity in writing intensive courses.

Lina’s line of advice is “Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.” ― Paulo Freire
Roxana AvalosRoxana Avalos

Background: Salvadorian American, born in Los Angeles, California, from Marshall, Missouri 

Area of study: Majoring in Health Sciences with minors in Spanish and Wellness  

Involvement: Previous member of the Running Club and ALAS. Has previously volunteered for Mizzou Alternative Break and the Woman’s and Children’s Hospital. She was also selected to take apart of the Academic and Retention Services Summer Transition Program before starting her freshman year at Mizzou and was an intern for Southwestern Advantage where she got transferred to Houston for a summer to sell educational resources to families.

Most proud of: Being a 1st generation student and the first in her family to go to college. She is also very proud of all the opportunities she’s had to travel and study aboard because she has been able to have different perspectives on the world.

Awards/Recognitions: Deans list, Gold award for working a quantity of hours in her internship with Southwestern Advantage.

Goals: To obtain a higher GPA by fall so she can apply to a higher educational program in the School of Health Professions. Her future goals are to continue traveling and land her dream job in health professions.
Roxana’s line of advice is “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”
Jose Mejia GuerraJose Mejia Guerra

Background: Born and raised on the East Coast of Guatemala. His mother is Guatemalan and Honduran and his father is Guatemalan and Salvadorian. He came to the United States 10 years ago.

Major: Hospitality and Management with an emphasis in Food and Beverage.

Involvement: Previous volunteer at Centro Latino in Columbia.

Work: Translator for the MU Cambio Center and server at Barred Owl.

Most proud of: Soon to be the first person in his family to graduate from college in the United States.

Goals: Be more involved on campus and graduate as soon as possible. With time he wants to work with new food companies to see how they work to get some experience and eventually establish his own food company including a restaurant, and food distribution importing products from all over Latin America.
Jose’s line of advice is “Don’t let anything stop you, just keep moving forward.”
Gabriela MartinGabriela Martin
Background: Half Mexican, half white.
Major: International Business with a Business emphasis in Finance and Banking, and a Language emphasis in Spanish.
Involvement: Member of the International Business Association, Cultural Ambassador for the International Center on campus. In the past she has been involved with Financial Management Association, the Association of Latin@ American Students, and PROclaim. She has also been an Intensive English Program conversation partner, served on a student advisory board for a research project regarding the well being of Latinos and African Americans, and has volunteered at the For His Glory after school program as a nutrition coordinator.
Most proud of: Walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain in the fall of 2015 when she was studying abroad there. She has never faced such a physical and mental challenge like that before and pushed herself through it.
Goals: Currently working on finding a job in the St. Louis area within the finance, banking, or consulting field. She also would like to attend graduate school, so she is focusing on making the right steps now to be able to pursue this later on in her career. Her biggest future dream is to work abroad and travel while being financially stable.
Gabriela's line of advice is “Everything happens for a reason.”

Federico Martinez GarciaFederico Martinez Garcia

Background: Born in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico and moved to the states when he was 16. He comes from a family of farmers.  He was the first from his family to graduate high school and college.

Area of study: Bachelor in Spanish Linguistics and Bachelor in French. He also received two masters: one in Public Administration and another in Library and Information Science.

Involvement: Currently, he is the Head of Access Services at the MU Libraries. He is working towards facilitating faster and more effective access to information for faculty, staff and students.  He has also participated in bilingual story time at the Daniel Boone Regional Library with Voz Latina and plans to coordinate future cultural events at MU such as el Día de los Muertos.

Most Proud of: Helping those around him and future generations, specifically his younger family members and people with a similar background as him, by showing them that Latinos can do more than the norm and pursue higher education. 

Goals: Expand his knowledge in library administration and literacy initiatives and pursue a Ph.D in Higher Education and Leadership. His future goals include continuing to help people, especially Latinos who don’t know about the library and its services, plus helping to defining libraries as a safe place for everyone. He also hopes to one day become a director or dean of a major University Library.

Federico’s line of advice is “El primer paso a la ignorancia es presumir de saber.” (“The first step to ignorance is presuming to know.”) -Baltasar Gracián 

Jamille PalaciosJamille Palacios Rivera

Background: Born and raised in Puerto Rico.

Area of study: Bachelors and Masters in Economics with a Ph.D. in Food and Resource Economics. Currently, she is an assistant teaching professor in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department at Mizzou.  Teaches Applied Microeconomics and New Products Marketing. Also researches public/private policies related to farm labor markets (availability, wages, and working conditions) and corporate social responsibility in agribusiness. 

Involvement: Advise MU NAMA student chapter. Cambio Center fellow. Completed the 2016 Faculty Scholarship Program. At Mizzou, serves in the Minority Affairs Committee, the AAE Undergraduate Policy Committee and the Ballot Committee.  Outside Mizzou, volunteers with CF kids at Christian Fellowship Church.

Awards/Recognitions: 2002 International Peace Award from English Language Institute at the University of Florida, 2009 Fellowship from American Society of Hispanic Economists, 2010-2012 nominated for excellence in teaching by students in her previous community college, 2013 Best Food and Resource Economics Department Ph.D. Dissertation.

Most Proud of: Her hard work put into her professional career accomplishments and being a mother.

Goals: Currently, is working on her research agenda and getting her research work published. As part of her Cambio Center Fellowship she is looking for a graduate assistant to help with her goals. She is also working on her 3rd custom textbook edition and developing an educational game for Agribusiness and collaborating in the development of an excel course.  She hopes to get more involved with Cambio Center and Voz Latina.  She would like to be part of a movement to unite America by ideally putting an end to discrimination. Her future goals include retiring from Mizzou, offering consultation services, and owning her own small specialty crop farm.

Jamille’s line of advice is “Opportunities are missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –attributed to Thomas Edison 

Elmer GuardadoElmer Guardado

Background: First generationLatino student from Los Angeles, California

Major: Communications

Minors: Film and Journalism

Involvement: Vice President of Mizzou’s Sketch Comedy Team, Executive Producer and Head Writer for MU Tonight (a late night variety talk show on MUTV), and a member of MU Improv. Elmer also participates in stand up and music open mics around downtown and cohosts a weekly podcast called “4 Yanks 1 Aussie.”

Work: Mizzou Publishing, Cambio Center Student Assistant

Most proud of: His work with MU Tonight and “4 Yanks 1 Aussie.” Along with 3 other students, he co-created MU Tonight to fill the need of a comedy and entertainment void in the MUTV line up.  He also co-founded “4 Yanks 1 Aussie” which now receives a couple hundred downloads a week.

Goals: Growing “4 Yanks 1 Aussie” and making MU Tonight a staple at Mizzou. After graduation he plans to work in media production.

Elmer’s line of advice is “If you don’t laugh about it, you’ll cry about it. Might as well laugh. It’s less messy.” 

Brenda CortesBrenda Cortes

Background: Mexican American first generation student

Major: Strategic Communications 

Minors: Business & Entrepreneurship

Involvement: Entrepreneurial Scholars and Interns program, founding sister and Recruitment and Retention Chair for Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA) Latin Sorority Incorporated Zeta Xi Chapter at Mizzou, considered the first LTA chapter in Missouri and the only Latina sorority currently on MU’s campus. She also runs her own startup doing hair and makeup for special occasions in her hometown and just started an online business selling birthday cards. She is also a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and a mentor for college students.

Most proud of: Getting selected in the Entrepreneurial Scholars and Interns Program because it has given her many other opportunities including placing top 5 in Startup Weekend, in which she created a business in under 56 hours, and becoming a member of the Entrepreneurship Alliance.

Goals: Attend beauty school after she graduates from MU and get a job in the area. In the future she would like to own her own beauty salon and start her own business on the side. 
Brenda’s line of advice “You can create anything you want, but first you must eliminate all doubt and replace it with full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for and only then will it be yours.”
Ana Compain RomeroAna Compain-Romero

Background: Cuban American

Education: Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Involvement: She has been involved in her kids’ lives more than anything. Two of her four children are on the autism spectrum and one has an auditory processing disorder. In her spare time she likes to exercise and read the climbing stack of magazines she subscribes to.

Most proud of: The strength and confidence she has gained through career changes. She also still considers herself a work in progress professionally, emotionally, and personally.

Goals: Professionally, she wants to close a fundraising gift by herself in the next 3-6 months at her new job as the Advancement Officer in the School of Nursing. Personally, she wants to visit Cuba with her parents in the next year.
 Ana’s line of advice is “It’s OK to feel pain, leveraging it as motivation to come out a better person is what will keep the pain from becoming a visible scar.”
Miguel AyllonMiguel Ayllon

Background: From Lima, Peru came to the United States in 1999 when he was 17 years old seeking to get a college education and has been in the country for the last 18 years

Area of study: PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, educational background in business administration, communications, and public administration

Involvement: Advisor of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity. Proud member of MU Voz Latina

Most proud of: Beating a lot of his own limitations and not giving up in his education and career when things get difficult

Goals: Become a better resource and offer more support to the Latino community on campus and in Columbia. He wants to accomplish this through development of knowledge and growth in his career. His biggest goal in the next three to five years is to help the University of Missouri get a stronger presence in Latin America.
Miguel’s line of advice is “Learn to be content in your circumstances, and challenge yourself to think of others before you.”
Jessica Banuelos Jessica Bañuelos

Background: Mexican American from North Chicago, Illinois, first generation student, and the first to graduate in her family.

Major: Bachelors in Psychology

Minors: Human Development Family Sciences & Plant Sciences

Involvement: Founding sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Incorporated (LTA) Zeta Xi Chapter at Mizzou, considered the first LTA chapter in Missouri and the only Latina sorority currently on MU’s campus. She became a founding sister her senior year of college and is now the LTA Tennessee Area One Area Finance Coordinator for chapters in the region. 

Most proud of: Her siblings and their accomplishments.

Goals: Working on applying to Law School, which has been an aspiration of hers in order to make her parents proud. She is interested in corporate or civil law. She also wants to own her own law firm to help people and students with aspirations of being lawyers get opportunities to intern and work at her firm.
Jessica’s line of advice is “If the opportunity doesn’t present itself create it on your own.”
Alejandra GudinoAlejandra Gudiño

Background: Born in Argentina, moved to Colombia when she was 10 years old, and moved to Mexico City to get her degree in Archaeology and her masters. Her father was German descendent and her mother family is from Spain.

Education: Bachelors in Sciences in Anthropology/Archeology, Masters in Museums and Conservation Material,  & MBA

Position: Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Coordinator for the Family Nutrition Education Programs (FNEP) at University of Missouri - Extension

Involvement: MU/HES Task Force on Inclusivity & Diversity; Leader in the area of Reaching New Audiences, National eXtension Community of Practice on Diversity, Equity and InclusionMember of National Vulnerable Populations Working Group, a 4-H project supported by a grant from CYFAR - the Children, Youth and Families at Risk Program; Mentor MU 4H College Within Reach State Program; Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer; Advisory Board for Children’s Grove of Columbia;  Co-Chair of  12 interstate Initiative NCERA216: Latinos & Immigrants in Midwestern Communities; Co-Director Community Archeological Project Palmitopamba Ecuador.

Most proud of: Her children and other children she has mentored and impacted through the different organizations she has been involved in. 

Goals: Be able to provide more tools for faculty across the State, so they can engage and support the diverse Missouri Communities.  She accomplish this by generate dialogue and safe spaces where we can learn from each other.
Alejandra’s line of advice is, “The depth of a soul is not measured by what appears on the surface, but what lies in the heart.”
Shirley RojasShirley Rojas Salazar

Background: International Graduate Student from Costa Rica

Major: Bachelors in Statistics working on her Masters and then Ph.D. in Statistics

Involvement: Research assistant at the Reynolds Journalism Institute for a social network program and volunteer for the Kaleidoscope Community Outreach Program in the MU International Center where she goes to elementary schools in town to teach students about her culture and country.

Most proud of: getting a grant to study in the United States because she wants to be a good professor in Statistics back in Costa Rica, which doesn’t have a Ph.D. program in Statistics.

Goals: Working on counseling for a medical program to use towards her masters. She would like to be a researcher on top of being a professor.
Shirley’s line of advice is “If you really want something and put all your effort into it you will get what you want." 
Melissa BanuelosMelissa Bañuelos

Background: Mexican American from North Chicago, Illinois

Major: Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound through the School of Health Professions

Involvement: Freshman year she was Freshman Chair for Association for Latin@ American Students followed by president in her sophomore year and also Co-Chair of Four Front. Melissa is also a founding sister for Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA) Latin Sorority Incorporated Zeta Xi Chapter at Mizzou, considered the first LTA chapter in Missouri and the only Latina sorority currently on MU’s campus. She became a founding sister her senior year of college and is now the President of the chapter at Mizzou.

Most proud of: Getting into the Summer 2015 Medical and Dental Educational Program in Cleveland, Ohio. Through this program she got to see actual surgeries, got to shadow doctors, work with patients, and conduct research on mosquito disease.

Goals: To graduate and pass board exams and be certified in ultrasound. Some of her future goals are to apply to medical school and become a Pediatrician.
Melissa’s Line of advice is “No importa la lentitud con la que avances siempre y cuando no te detengas.”