“A Network for Latino Faculty, Staff, and Students”

ABOUT MU VOZ LATINA (formerly known as HLAFSA)

Our Mission

To be a vibrant organization dedicated to empower the Latino community of the University of Missouri and Columbia to lead and to achieve academic, professional, and personal success.

Our Vision

Originally founded in 1999 as the MU Hispanic Latin American Faculty & Staff Association (HLAFSA), the vision of MU Voz Latina is to communicate interests, concerns and awareness of Hispanics and Latin Americans at the University of Missouri; assist in recruitment and retention of Hispanic/Latino(a) faculty, staff and students at MU; foster the educational missions of our university, and progress of our faculty and staff through the ranks; and enhance multicultural knowledge of Hispanics/ Latino(a)s among faculty, staff, administration, and students of the University of Missouri and the community

Our Slogan

“Achieve academic, professional, and personal success”

Our Core Values

  • Commitment to serve MU Latino faculty, staff, and students and Latinos in the Columbia community.
  • Commitment to Latino/Hispanic heritage and culture.
  • Commitment to the promotion and development of Latinos’ academic, professional, and personal goals in MU and the Columbia community.
  • Commitment to promote Latin American and all the countries represented in this region.
  • Commitment to support a high level of diversity, social justice, and cultural proficiency in our campus and community.
  • Commitment to the internationalization of our organization and the MU campus.
  • Commitment to train Latinos as global citizens to lead and serve.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution was amended in April 2015. You can download it here: MU Voz Latina Constitution 2015